Fraud Management

Fraud Management

Combat fraud and protect your business with our powerful fraud management tools.

Full Control of your Fraud Management

  • 30+ configurable fraud checks help you to effectively pinpoint fraudulent transactions
  • Screen transactions against your own fraud blacklist
  • Detect anomalies through pattern checking and data sanity checking
  • Tailor your fraud checks to your business requirements to reduce false positives.
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3d secure

3DSecure Cardholder Authentication

  • 3DSecure allows you to authenticate your customer via a secure passphrase and helps to protect you against revenue loss in the event of a fraudulent transaction.

Card Verification Number (CVN) check*

  • The CVN, also known as the CSC, CVV or security number, is the three or four digit number that is present on your customers’ cards.
  • It is not included in the magnetic strip of the card and so cannot be skimmed.
  • card number
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