Maximise Conversion, Minimise PCI Costs

Addon Payments delivers a complete online payments solution for businesses with high sales volumes.
We help you to create a seamless online payment experience designed to maximise conversion across any device.
Our customisable payment experience helps you retain payments on your website, without the associated PCI compliance costs.
Our payments solution is backed up by our secure and reliable payments technology: always connected, always protected and compliant with the latest regulations.


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Retain Card Data

Store card details securely within our PCI-DSS v3.2 compliant environment to deliver one-click and recurring payments to customers.
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Reduce Fraud Risk

Minimise your fraud risk with 30+ customisable fraud rules to block or hold suspicious transactions, including 3D Secure.
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Sell Beyond Borders

Your checkout will adapt to 15+ languages, along with Multicurrency and Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) to reach new markets.
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Accept Multiple Payments

Accept all major card types and alternative payment methods to support your business as you scale locally and globally.
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Control your Transactions

Reconcile transactions, with the ability to search, void and refund your transactions easily, through our easy-to-use reporting tool.
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Integrate with ease

Integrate online payments within your website or redirect to our payment page– every option is secure, reliable and flexible to your needs.

Service & Reliability

Speed, reliability and security directly impact on your revenue as an eCommerce merchant. With so much choice out there for consumers, you can’t afford outages or slow-loading payment page. Our solution gives you the fastest speed, with 99.93% of our online payments completed in under 3 seconds.

This reliability is backed up by expert support you can leverage, whenever you need it. At Addon Payments, we consistently deliver world class, expert customer service combined with a powerful and reliable payments solution.
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Our payment experts are here to help